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In Hanoi, among the lepers

A real story. In a village near Hanoi, there was a leprous man. Since the history has been written, lepers are removed from society, marked and condemned. That’s a disease that many still believe it...
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A Taste of Vietnam

The thermometres in Hanoi showed 41 degrees a few days ago. That was a record in the last sixteen years. The steam was so dense that you could cut it, the asphalt temperature reached 61...
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A life, sourced from within

There comes the time when there are many typhoons in the Philippines. There are usually at least twenty typhoons per year there. But we’re moving forward. Not because we are afraid of accidents and because...
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Poor and happy at the same time?

Filipinos usually immediately associate the word ‘slum’ with crime. With a reason, of course. In these poorest and most marginalized parts of Manila, violence, shooting and drugs until recently were the number one problem. ‘Even...
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Landing in hot Manila

We spent Easter literally in the air, on four different airplanes. From Brussels to Milan. From Milan to Istanbul. From Istanbul to Kuwait. And from Kuwait to Manila in the Philippines. When we were asked...
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Navotas: People Living at Graveyards, Literally!

Asia, particularly its coastal parts, has always been an attractive tourist destination. Fine beaches, friendly people and low prices. Ten years ago, when I spent three months travelling through Thailand, from south to north, I...
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