You Feed Five Thousand Men

Jezus nahrani 5000 možPrayer based on Luke 9;12-17

It has been a week since we started doing voluntary work in an organization that distributes food to the hungry people in Paris.
Since I had many cares about how everything will go and how the donations will be doing, I asked Jesus to help us with this. When I opened the Bible, the answer was here: Jesus feeds 5,000 men. I was relieved from worries and I realized that God has everything under control. 🙂

Lord, thank You, because You encourage us to help feed hungry people. You want us to give our share and you will be able to multiply it. Each of us is invited to participate.

Even the apostles did not feel able to feed such a crowd, but they still listened to Your voice. Give us their obedience and trust in You.

Lord, thank You for being fed every day, because you fill up our tables with all commodities. Give us an awareness of how each bite is precious, a gift out of Your hands.

Teach us to share what we have with others. Change our hearts to become generous, compassionate and open to plights of our neighbors.

Give us joy that we could see a brother or sister in our encounters, even if they are different from us. Refugees and members of other religions are not our enemies, but brothers and sisters, Your creation. Calling us to accept them in everything, even in the poverty and otherness.

Lord, I thank you for all the gifts and donations, which will be used to feed families and individuals applying for assistance.

Lord, give donors and volunteers abundant blessings and peace, because they help enforce Your work of mercy! Give people who receive your help a high strength, courage and opportunity to be able to do new steps in their life – with dignity!

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