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Stroncone – our little discovery!

It’s not a long way from Perugia to Terni, a city about 100 km away from Rome. Frankly, we did not expect much from Terni, our wish was to settle somewhere in peace and wait for a response out of Rome. So far we are still waiting. We’ll see how it goes.

Blessed peace


Stroncone – a piece of middle age

Otherwise, we enjoyed four days of a truly blissful peace. We were able to accommodate cheaply in a little room. In the middle of beautiful nature we found a hostel for around € 20 per night (for both of us!). Our host was a young couple, Loredana and Riccardo, he is Italian, 28 and she is Romanian, 36 years old. A nice, friendly couple.

We had a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. If it was some degree colder, we could also burn up the fireplace.


Look into history

But this dwelling itself was not the best thing of all. It was about three kilometers away – the city of Stroncone! This was our discovery of a small medieval town, which gave us constant opportunities to take long walks together, although it was steep at places. 🙂

Small, but magical

The town of Stroncone was built in the 10th century on a hill, because people felt safer up there. It has around 5,000 inhabitants, although there is not much population still living inside the city walls nowadays. And exactly this part is the most magical one.

We were walking through the narrow, stone streets, enjoying the fine details and taking photos.

Crowded local store

Another small wonder. Well, tourist attraction for us rather for the locals. There was a small, old store close to where we were staying, aimed to sell at local population mainly.

IMG_20160409_190124It was nicely decorated and well-stocked, however there were so many employees we could only see in large supermarkets back home.

Two selling bread, one in the ‘department’ of fruit and vegetables, one with salami, one selling cheese and one cashier. Not bad for a store with 70 m2 space.

If Mercator (a store in Slovenia) would act according to such standards, there would be approximately 60 sellers in its average store.

All the roads lead to…

Tomorrow we will arrive to Rome and will definitely stay there for a few days. At least until it is finally cleared out how we could further carry out our mission – to visit charitable communities and help them if needed and record our activities on this blog.

Remember, God is working right now, right this minute. Operando.


P.S. Thank you all for the encouraging words and friendly messages. We continue to ask for a remembrance in your prayers.

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