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He Has a Plan for Me

Sometimes it is hard for me to pray since I am aware that I will have to change things. This requires strength or at least a...
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Show Me Your Look of Love

Prayer based on: Isaiah 43,4 It is night and I can not sleep. It happens to me rarely. Some kind of strange anxiety. As it remains there,...
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You Feed Five Thousand Men

Prayer based on Luke 9;12-17 It has been a week since we started doing voluntary work in an organization that distributes food to the hungry...
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A Prayer for Europe

Dear Father, this week after seeing so much suffering and casualties, You revealed to us how small, vulnerable and dependent on You we are. We...
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Prayer for Homeless Families

Prayer, based on Matthew 2; 13-14 Evening stroll in Paris was unforgettable. Not because of the beautiful buildings and the flashing lights of Eiffel tower at each...
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Praying for Greater Openness

Prayer is based on reading 2 Corinthians 8: 12-15 We often fall under influence of discouragement, which leads us to believe that we are not worthy, we have...
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