Our Story

The word Operando comes from Latin word ‘Opera’, which means ‘creation’ (creational work). It indicates current activity and can be best described with a sentence:

Dio sta operando or God is working (right this moment).

The idea for the name of the society originates precisely from this truth: God is working – healing, saving, donating, creating – right now!

Or as Jesus said: My Father has never stopped working, and that is why I keep on working. (John 5:17)

The Journey

Spouses Silva and Nace Volčič have departed to a global journey on March 31st, 2016. Travelling from community to community, from mission to mission, wherever good and honest people do their best to help the poorest among us – marginalized, ignored and pushed aside.


Travelling the world, Silva and Nace testify to the work of God, realized through these people. They write about it and therefore direct the reader’s attention to a good and positive news. This is in contrast to the mass media, where we read a daily basis that wars, unrest and unhappiness is all that is happening in this world right now.


Being actively involved, they donate their time and work for each community, where they are accommodated. At the same time readers of this blog are encouraged to participate with their financial donations for the specific needs of their current dwelling community.

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