Look at the past 365 days

I am increasingly aware of the fact that each new day is a gift from God. And I really do not know how many more there are left for me.

The way I spend each day reflects how deeply associated I am with Him.

I invite you to jointly express our thanks to the Lord for the past 365 days, for each and every one of them.

As I was preparing this prayer, I was inside a chapel, listening to Jesus. In my heart, I soon heard His question:

„Do you love Me?“

Of course, this is the essence of everything! To love. With all my heart. Everyday. This is the only thing that fills us with true life, and makes our every day special.

You are being asked the same question by Jesus: „Do you love Me?“

Answer Him in your own way and let Him take you back in time. Let Him release all the burden you are unable to take so you will enter a new year freely.

Let us pray together:

Lord, thank You for Your immense and passionate love that You lay in our hearts so we will be able to love all the people sent by You to our path.

I ask You to bless all the individuals I’ve met this year, all that have prayed for me, or have helped me in any way.

I pray for my enemies and opponents. Have mercy on them and open their hearts, so they can accept Your love.

Thank You for everything good that I could’ve accomplished last year. Bless me with new strength, inspiration and opportunities for good deeds.

Thank You for being so merciful to me in moments when I am weak and helpless.

Thank You for Your forgiveness, when You gave me the opportunity to start again.

Lord, thank You for each day of previous year, when You were with me!


p.s.: Share this prayer with others, to reach as many people and deliver the readers your thoughts and wishes in comments below.

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