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Jesus is born before my eyes

Christmas is a holiday which calls us to get away four everyday life.

It invites us to stop … stop buzzing around … and look inside ourselves and to the others. At the heart of it, there is Jesus, a baby, helpless and in need of tenderness, love and warmth – like any child born into this world.

Throughout the year we are turning ourselves to Him with requests for different things, and now at this time, we could ask ourselves what we want to give to Him.

First, He needs a refuge to be born. How would it be, if Mary and Joseph knocked on your door and asked you for hospitality? Would you take them in? Or close the door in front of them? Would you do the same, if there was any other pregnant woman in distress, knocking at your door?

Now imagine being there beside the Holy family at the moment when Jesus is born. Watch Him at His first breath and baby cry. Witness the happiness as mother and father take Him in their hands for caress.

There you are, seeing a Child’s first wash and dress. When bathed and wrapped, Mary handed Him to your lap. How do you feel together with Him? Are you happy? Are you afraid? Do you want to show Him to anyone else?

Allow Him to rest in your lap. Let His peace to dwell inside you. Take enough time so that His presence can fill your entire being.
The Wise Men from the East gave him precious gifts. What is your gift for Him?

Do you realize, that you stand before the Son of God, who despite being small and weak…is:


Let this be your Thank You:

Jesus, thank You for giving me refuge, at my home. You gave me a chance to see You helpless and in need of love. But … when I look at You, I realize that the world is shining a light, which will finally dispel my darkness and evil of this world.


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