Go Out Into the Deep

odrini na globokoMeditation based on Luke 5;1-11

Me and Nace were sitting on the beach. I barely even dipped my foot into the see and I knew swimming was out of question – the water was too cold. Nace asked me if I knew why the shallow water is colder compared to a deeper one? I shrugged and Nace replied:

“It’s simple. As it is shallow, the atmosphere can quickly change its temperature. When being warm outside, the water gets warm fast and when being colder, the water quickly gets cold too.”

Isn’t it similar with our faith? If we are living in shallow spiritual waters, we tend to feel safe, but are more receptive to external influences, therefore being in greater danger for our faith to become shallow or even cold.

With these thoughts and the beautiful natural ambiance all around, I remembered a passage when Jesus commanded the disciples to go out into the deep and throw their nets.

Come and join Jesus and His disciples beside the Lake of Galilee.

Jesus is teaching people and interprets God’s view of life. You are watching Him and you may feel excluded, redundant, marginalized.

You might not understand what Jesus wants to say to you. Maybe you categorically reject Him, His teachings or maybe only His certain thoughts, because they seem too idealized, too far away from life. Maybe you feel like being out of His reach, His love. Maybe He seems a complete stranger to you.

It does not matter. Today, you are here in front of Him. With all the beauty, nobleness and even with all your burdens, loneliness and feeling like being a failure yourself.

Let Jesus come into your “boat”. Try to feel His presence beside you and then allow Him to tell you: Go out into the deep and throw again your “net” to where it was all empty and lifeless before.

What does it mean to go out into the deep to throw your net, anyway?

It means that you dedicate your fears and doubts to God, and let Him show you something new in your life, something you do not know. Do you believe that Jesus is able to change your life for the better? Can you trust that a catch will be good, actually the best that can ever be given to you?

Finally, you pull out the net out of the water. It’s full!

Are you surprised over the abundant catch? Did you expect a such? How do you feel?

Listen to what the Lord wants to say. To you, personally. Does he wants you to change the direction of your life? Does he wants you to change your attitude with others? Does he wants you to step into life with greater confidence?

These are all reasons to be thankful:

Thank You Lord, because You could touch my failure and my unrest. Thank You for showing me Your generosity. Thanks for renewed trust and faith in You. Thank You for Your presence in my life and for all the new discoveries that I have received. Thank You for teaching me the way that I can understand. Thank You for being so personal with me.

Help me stay more courageous in the future, to be able to listen and fulfill Your word. I’ll never go away from You. Amen.

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