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From ideas to words, from words to deeds

If you were asked at your 70s, what would you like to see when looking back at your life, how would your picture look like?

This was a long time non-answered question for us as well. Despite no evident answer ever came to mind, deep inside me and Silva knew, that we would like to be proud of our lives and look back to realise that our life path was well worth it.

10924717_1534733970146002_2296454863250265272_nYes, there comes a time, when one has to ask himself such questions. It is often the case that the grip of time passes through our lives so rapidly and relentlessly, leaving us empty handed, hunched, helpless and sad about the amount of our unrealised life dreams and ambitions.

For us, the answer was revealed one night in December 2015. We were lying awake on separate sides of bed and discussing about our lives. Being together for 5 years, married for 3 years, both still young enough to make a fully-dedicated life changing decision.

spectacularroadChildren are currently not an option, God knows why better than we do. We had the opportunity to be able to think out of the box and follow our dreams, gently seeded in our hearts. And visiting foreign lands, meeting people of the world was our most common dream. Asia perhaps, maybe another exotic destination, maybe somewhere far away, where life is still peaceful and not maculated by money greed, material wealth and similar, which distracts us from dealing with things that really matter in life.

And that night, the answer became so vivid and clear. Compared to so many earlier times, this time, it seemed so meaningful, worth our time and possible to implement.

‘Silva, what do you say if we travelled around, from community to community, from mission to mission and journey places where good people try to help the poor among us?’

lead_960It seemed this thought was dwelling inside us for a long time but found no exit since. It was us that allowed the daily hustle and bustle to win over. We were distracted and devoted our time to live in a comfortable, cosy and worry-free way.

And the more we were discussing, the more enthusiastic we were becoming about the idea. 

‘This is perfect! And each community we would visit, could use our help and our talents, if they wanted to. Most importantly, we would write a blog about it and inform people that God has not given up upon us. Right this moment, He is present among us, wherever or whenever, and may influence our lives, especially where there is little hope and much suffering to be found.’

This thinking seemed even more reasonable when being bombarded with all the negative daily media news, which skew our perception of the world and persuade us that wars, conflicts, disasters and tragedy is all there is to expect form this world.

toms-shoe-dropIndeed, why not write about all the good things that happen every day around us? Why not dedicate some attention to the people that help others in need? And why not write about people who are less fortunate in lives than we are? And less fortunate than handful of people who cannot see further away from their backyards living inside their home comfort zone.

‘And what if we encouraged our audience to help these communities in need with their donations? This way, the communities could achieve their goals easier and develop their activities further.’

That night passed by without a proper sleep, but was filled with hope, wishful thinking and anticipation.

The idea was born, the Word had spoken and here it is – The Operando Mission.

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