God is Working. RIGHT NOW!


God is Working. RIGHT NOW!

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The journey of a married couple who travels the world to seek out the poor


“This book never intends to be a trumpet– no one is shouting, “Look at us!” This is just a tale of service, intended to shine a light on need and to light the way for others, who have so very much, to assist those who have so very little. When you finish going through less then 2 dozen pages, you will not be the same.”  (Arthur Fogartie)

You will travel with Nace and Silva as they make their way around Europe, from Rome, where they personally met the pope Francis, to Torino, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Kiev, Odessa in Ukrain to Vilnius in Lithuania.

Along the way you will encounter the poor just as they did and above all, you will meet God in Action, the Lord that is healing, saving and creating through other people.

70% of your money will be given directly to people that need it the most, to handicap people, people with mental disabilities, to abandoned children, to poor families, to homeless people, to those that are sick and wounded.


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