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A night center for homeless saves lives – literally. The Depaul organization provides space close to a main train station Vokzalna to the people of the streets at night, so that they may be greeted by a warm morning in order to avoid a possible death due to hypothermia, which is still very common sight in Ukraine.

Depaul is paying extremely high price for this charity. Monthly rental for space, which comprises 200 m2, amounted to € 1,000! For a country where the worker’s normal wage is € 200 and where unemployment exceeds 20 percent, it is a very large sum.

Any monetary help would come to us extremely handy. The situation in Kiev is demanding and difficult, number of homeless are higher than ever and help is constantly declining. We need people and we need money to help them get a more decent and brighter life.

If you want to join us in this charity campaign, you are cordially invited, of course. Each Euro is much appreciated – and delivered for the right cause!

You may help us by clicking the DONATE NOW button above or send fund on our Operando society bank account:

Operando, društvo za medsebojno pomoč in spodbujanje dobrodelnosti, Kropa 149, SI-4245 Kropa, Slovenia

IBAN Bank account: SI56 0510 0801 4262 678