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Skupnost Barka v Litvi
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The Ark community in Lithuania, where people with intellectual disabilities live together with their assistants, was born 12 years ago, sourcing from the strong desire of young people to help the affected people to have a better life.

Before the community actually emerged, there was 10 years of dedicated prayer for this purpose, until conditions have been met for the opening and the intention has matured.

For many years they lived in an old, non-renovated wooden house. Later, with the help of EU funds they built a new facility, where eleven people, including five boys and girls with intellectual disabilities and six assistants currently dwell.

They receive 80% of the funds from the state for the cost of living for disabled persons and 20% must be ensured by themselves or with the help of benefactors and donations.

While there are sufficient financial resources for the life expenses of persons with intellectual, the money often runs out for other practical things which are not state funded.

Rimas, responsible for the community, said that currently they are in need of money to buy a mower to mow the lawn around the house, to buy three bicycles which were stolen from them this past summer, and for the installation of the tabernacle in their chapel, which has already been approved by the Archbishop.

Operando wants to contribute some money for this cause and support them in these plans. Would you help us?

Any contribution, even a small one will come in very handy for the Lithuanian Ark community!