The journey started in the City of Peace

poročne zaobljubeAfter long three months of preparation, our journey has begun. However, just before the departure, we decided to renew our wedding vows. This was our way to show commitment to one another and to God. Kranj city parish priest prepared a beautiful ceremony – thanks again father Vinko!

Assisi or Medjugorje?

We have been thinking a lot about where to start out travel. It was planned to go to Medjugorje first, however we made a different decision since it would be too costly this way (travel expenses, 2 nights of accommodation and a cost of ferry from Split to Ancona).

A visit to St. Francis of Assisi

So we decided to travel to Assisi – this place lives and breathes with St. Francis of Assisi. Those of you, who do not know Francis: he is a saint, who was born in 1181 (or 1182) in Italian town of Assisi. His life was marked by poverty, a great love for all fellow human beings, especially the most poor and for all of God’s creation.

You may read more about St. Francis of Assisi here >>

In the embrace of nature

assisinatureMe and Silva soon realised that Assisi was a perfect place to start our path. The city is flourishing, spring is in full swing, the nature is breath-taking and no wonder St. Francis had such an admiration towards nature beauty and such salvation of God – its creator.

Three days of exploration

We were accommodated in Ostello de la Pace (hostel of peace) and afterwards, we enjoyed exploring this lively town for three days. This is indeed a special feeling to see so many people at one place, so many differences among us but still the same spirit, same will, same goals and similar values. Just imagine, two simple folks, Francis and Clare, nowadays still attracting millions of people from all over the world to this tiny, countryside Italian town.

Poverty – literally!

pilgrim assisiWhat do you say to this man who chose poverty as a way of life, literally! Regular pilgrimage to the Basilica of St. Francis, going on his knees, dressed in sackcloth, similar to the one St. Francis wore in his time. With one important difference. At this location, St. Francis certainly was not being welcomed by heavily armed soldiers with machine guns. Yes, a lot of attention and effort is required for a City of Peace to remain peaceful at all times.

Chains that bind us

Well, we really do not need to disclose our poverty so drastically, but I think God is calling us to have our inner freedom. This means, us to be able to give up the things that bind us in shackles. I’m talking about a freedom in which a person can be happy no matter if he is living in abundance or poverty.

Our future plans

We have established a contact with the Cottolengo hospital in Turin. This is a major hospital complex with sisters and brothers of Cottolengo living and working there. Years ago, I spent a month in Cottolengo, working with disabled people under the Jesuit novitiate program. A great experience! From Assisi, let’s head to the north of Italy then.
If everything goes well, we’re in Turin in one month time already. Until then, we are about to visit a few places on the way.

Travel with us

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Operando – God is working!

Nace Volčič

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